All of our teachers are professionals in music education and performance. With their methods and our coordination they will help you reach your own individual goals.


We got special packages for everyone. You can find a package that suits your own budget.

Your Goals

Our aim is to help you achieve your own individual music goals.

Flexible Scheduling

Through our upgraded scheduling system you can take lessons that best fit your schedule.

“A unique system”

This community is for everyone


Today millions of people want to learn and be educated. Without busy schedules you do not need to commute anywhere.Follow our system and take lessons from anywhere you are that are specialized for your learning outcome.

- By Notebook Music Academy


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Notebook Music Academy is an online platform that offers music lessons. This community is for everyone. We provide one on one lessons and group lessons with special packages. We take our learning seriously and we are determined for you to reach your own individual music goals.

Our operating system is specifically implemented for innovation. Innovation is a key aspect that contributes to the success of our generation.

That is why our academy is different. We bring the best people that will provide you the best learning experience. With science based methods, we will ensure you reach your own individualised goals.

We are determined to teach and pass along to you our musical experience and knowledge and make you a better musician.

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Tips For Healthy Voice

"What can I do when I am sick in order to speed the recovery of my voice?"

For Healthy Voice!

In general

If you are sick and prescribed a medication make sure to finish the prescription otherwise you will be more likely to get sick again.

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1. Humidifiers

Whether is winter or summer time, there is always something that dries out the air around us. (AC’s, Heaters...)

2. Honey

Is one of those things that I always use. Its rich antioxidants and antibacterial properties can help fight or prevent any bacterial infections in the throat.

3. Tea

Can have a lot of benefits on your road to recovery. Not only warm liquids soothe a sore throat but they also help to cut through any mucous build up.


Setting Up the Your Practice Room

There are several things every singer should have in their practice room.

Clock or timer

A clock or timer should be available to make sure that you do your warm up and cool down for the appropriate periods.


Whether it’s for work or even the next family vacation, Trello helps your team.

Sheet music

Sheet music should be available for every song or warm up you do.

In-home Lessons!

Setting Up the Your Practice Room

It’s also a great idea to get a notebook, where you can track how long you practiced, what you worked on, and your goals for the week or month.

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