Tips For Healthy Voice

Christina Christofi
Posted on 28 February, 2020
4 min read

As a vocal teacher, I have came across a very common question from my students. «What can I do when I am sick in order to speed the recovery of my voice?» I decided to write the following article hoping that It will give my students guidance to maintaining their voice.


Whether is winter or summer time, there is always something that dries out the air around us. (AC’s, Heaters...) We then tend to feel that our mouth, skin, and sinuses get dry. Therefore, it is important that we try to find ways to avoid the excess dryness around us. Humidifiers in the house are beneficial since they can save you from waking up with dry or scratchy throat. For those who do not have one another easy way is by boiling water in a pan and then adding a towel in your head. (Adding few drops of eucalyptus or chamomile in the water can work wonders). Steam baths, Saunas, and warm showers are great options for dicongestion.


Is one of those things that I always use. Its rich antioxidants and antibacterial properties can help fight or prevent any bacterial infections in the throat. It helps singers sooth their vocal cords and throat. Whether you are sick or not, it is important you feature honey to your regular diet. Some people like the taste of it and can have a teaspoon on its own. Another way of taking it when sick is with tea.


Can have a lot of benefits on your road to recovery. Not only warm liquids soothe a sore throat but they also help to cut through any mucous build up. I am a huge fan of creating your own tea at home. You can add one teaspoon of grated ginger and let it absorb the taste in the pan. Add a little bit of honey at the end. Teas such ‘sage’ is good for you. It has antibacterial qualities and is good when you have a sore throat, coughs, mouth inflammations. You can also use sage tea to gargle. Another good tea to soothe a sore throat is Chamomile. It is important that you try to replace coffee with tea when sick as it can dry your voice even more.


Is the best remedy for a healthy voice. We need 7-9 hours of sleep a night. Same way our body needs rest, our voice needs as well. Those hours we sleep are crucial in our bodys repairation. Besides that, when we do not rest enough we will not have the energy to focus on the way we use our voice and when we perform, practise etc. I know that in general it is hard to fully not speak, sing, or talk to rest your vocal chords when sick. Sleeping propely within that time can ease that process.


Healthy body means less sicknesses. The more we maintain a good diet in our lifestyle that includes all the vitamins and nutrients that a body needs, the less likely is for us to get sick or at least we fight the sicknesses faster. Fruits, vegetables, and cereals consist of energy and are very good for our health. It is not a bad idea to also take a daily vitamin. Beverages such as alcohol and smoking can affect your voice in a negative way. It can result in loosing your higher or lower range of your voice. Avoid eating dairy, chocolate and caffeine before singing as it can lead to acid reflux and phlegm.


Whether its learing how to sing, or practicing we need energy, we need to be able to concentrate so we can learn, We need good posture, We need to be able to relieve stress, we need to be able to sleep more restlessly. Through exercise we can take all of the above and it can make our learning progress of singing easier.


Up to 60 percent of our bodies are water. That is why It is extremely important that we have 9-10 glasses of water a day. It maintains our trachea, larynx, and phraynx moist and hydrated. Also, when sick you can use water to gargle with salt and water and medium tempreature water.

Use of voice

When sick take a break from singing, speaking. Allow your voice for few days to fully rest. Use that time to listen to repertoire you are working on, focus where you breath in a song. Focus on the meaning of the songs. In general when we scream it can easier lead to fariggitida, lariggitida i ke kalous so always try to use your voice with a limid. Talking too much can also lead to lariggitida. When you wake up do not start speaking immediately. Allow your voice to open up.

Neti Pot

When I was told to use a Neti pot I was not as happy from the thought. But thee results were great. It I a container deisgned to rinse mucus from your nasal cavity. You can use it to tret symptoms such as sinus problems or colds.

In general:
- If you are sick and prescribed a medication make sure to finish the prescription otherwise you will be more likely to get sick again.
- Sometimes, some sicknesses can be overcomed on our own, but if you notice yur voice not improving then it is important to visit a otorinolariggologo. Also once a year is good to go.
Christina Christofi